Less is more

The perfect moisturizer for sensitive skin does not need to be complex..

A simple mix of natural butters and oils from various trees, flowers and berries does the trick.

Halt Skincare is:

The products are 100% recyclable and/or made from post-consumer waste.

All ingredients are sourced from trees, flowers, and berries.

Just trees, flowers, and berries, baby.

My supplier is certified cruelty free and I only test on myself, my partner, and a few eager friends - None of them furry, feathered, or scaly.

The proof is in the pudding. Wherever possible – I choose organic. For more info, check out the ingredients list.

There are no preservatives, parabens, or fragrance in the mix.

These ingredients can be irritating to sensitive, eczema prone skin, and I personally use my products daily so they’re a “no go” for Halt.

“I make the products, I use them, and I hand them off to those who need them.”

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